immigration planning

Our clients look to us for honest answers about their immigration options.

Most of our clients are families that want to provide their children with opportunities to live, study, and work in a foreign country.

We help our clients understand all their options for immigration and choose the one that best fits their situation.

Contact us to have an immigration lawyer explain all your options to you. Our staff speaks English, Vietnamese, and Russian.

investment immigration

We specialize in immigration based on investment.

Investment immigration programs offer predictable paths to citizenship and opportunities to produce income for yourself.

Foreign governments welcome your investment into their countries to benefit their economies and create jobs.

A variety of investment options can qualify you for immigration. Many countries will allow you to qualify for immigration simply by purchasing real estate.

Open Door will help you comply with eligibility requirements and identify legitimate investment opportunities. We oversee every aspect of the process on your behalf.

Contact our investor immigration experts to learn how to immigrate and profit based on your investment.

business immigration

Immigration based on business establishment is a type of investment immigration.

This method of immigration requires an investment into a business that you own and actively manage yourself.

The business you start will qualify you for immigration.

Open Door will help you establish your business and operate in compliance with all immigration requirements.

If you are an entrepreneur, contact our business immigration experts to learn how you can build a life in your new country while earning a living from your business.


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